Singapore’s Unique Traffic Control Point – The Q Poles

The “Q” pole is a famous Singapore landmark used for queueing in high traffic areas and also has the unique (or at least interesting) name of being a Singapore landmark. It is known for being either raised or lowered from ground level, or from a platform above road level. The raised “Q” pole can usually be seen in areas such as along the High Traffic Containment, or at the entrance of a mall. This unique name (as well as its rather unsightly appearance) has lead to it being a very popular tourist attraction in Singapore.

Why Ignoring Queue Poles Singapore Will Cost You Time And Sales

In fact the Q Poles are used to aid traffic at any traffic area, and is especially useful when the queues are long. If you happen to come across a particularly long queue then simply move over and allow someone else to move ahead of you. After you have moved out of the way another person can then go ahead and queuing up behind you. However, please note the Q Poles are not allowed to obstruct traffic in any way, and if you are spotted moving from one traffic area to another with your pole in tow you will receive a heavy fine. So, if you would like to see what the traffic queues look like for yourself, visit this page queue poles singapore.

It is not just in High Traffic Containment areas though that the Q Poles is found. They are also used as a useful tool at queues in other areas of Singapore, where queuing is an important activity. For example: in buses waiting to enter a certain area (such as Orchard Road or the Princes Road escalators) or in ferries, trains and taxis.