Pros and Cons of the oz Armour Bee Suit

oz armour bee suit

The oz armour beekeeping suit is one of the most commonly used beekeeping protective gear. Most beekeepers are well aware of the dangers that can be posed by stingers, but some may not be so familiar with bee stings. Stingers such as wasps, hornets and silverfishes contain a pheromone that when released causes an allergic reaction in humans. It is believed that the wasps and hornets secrete this chemical as a defensive measure against humans. When it comes into contact with humans, the allergic reaction causes a very slight swelling, but the swelling typically does not go away by the time the bee is finished stinging.

What Can You Do About Oz Armour Bee Suit Right Now

One of the reasons this type of protective clothing is used is because it is both lightweight and breathable. This is great for a beekeeper who is working outside or in hot, humid conditions. When the pros are using protective clothing such as an oz armour bee suit, it allows them to move freely without any concerns about being stung. In addition, these suits have been made with ventilated mesh pockets that allow moisture to escape from the body, which is important when working in hot climates.

While the pros of wearing this type of bee suit are great, the cons of using the protective clothing are also great. One of the biggest problems is that the bee suit becomes sweaty after just a few hours of wearing it. This can make working conditions difficult during hot weather conditions. Another downside to the bee suit is that it leaves telltale signs of sweat such as dark circles beneath the arms. While it may look like no more than a few rings and specks of sweat, if a beekeeper was to work in a warm climate with hot weather conditions, they could quickly become soaked in the sweat and be unable to work properly.