Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) 14-11-2011, 15:45

An international organization dedicated to the personal, social and physical development of girls and women aged 12 and older.

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) 14-11-2011, 15:41

An international organization with 26 million members around the world, sponsoring social, physical and educational activities for youths and adults of both genders as well as all religions, races and ethnic backgrounds.

Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association (YM–YWHA) 14-11-2011, 15:37

Any of more than 400 local organizations that provide educational cultural, recreational, health, social and other services to about 750,000 people of all ages—non-Jewish as well as Jewish.

Yeshiva (or, yeshivah) 14-11-2011, 15:35

In American education, a generic term referring to any of a variety of Jewish day schools, depending on their sectarian sponsorship. 

Year-round school 14-11-2011, 15:33

A school that operates a 12-month-a-year academic program to ensure maximum utilization of school facilities and accommodate a larger number of students without investing in plant expansion. 

Yearbook (student) 14-11-2011, 15:30

An annual high school,college or graduate school student publication,usually published in hardcover, to commemoratethe events of the previous academic year.

Yale-New Haven Teachers 14-11-2011, 15:29

A pioneer collaborative venture between Yale University and the public school system of the city of New Haven.

Yale College (and University) 14-11-2011, 15:27

The third oldest institution of higher education in the United States, after Harvard College and the COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY.

“Yale Band” 14-11-2011, 15:23

An informal association of seven theology students at Yale College who, before their ordination in 1830, pledged to devote their lives to “beating the drums for” and establishing formal education in the West. 

Elihu Yale (1649–1721) 14-11-2011, 15:21

English colonialadministrator who, between 1714 and 1721,bestowed so extensive a library of books andother gifts to the Collegiate School of Saybrook,Connecticut, that it changed its name to YaleCollege in 1718, two years after it moved toNew Haven.

George Wythe (1726–1806) 14-11-2011, 15:19

American patriot, lawyer and educator and the first professor of law in any American college.

Wyoming 14-11-2011, 15:15

The 44th state to join the Union, in 1890.

Wygant v. Jackson Board of Education 14-11-2011, 15:12

A 1986 United States Supreme Court ruling that a school board, in an effort to cut costs, could not preserve the jobs of black teachers by laying off white teachers. 

Writing center 14-11-2011, 15:10

A section of the elementary school classroom where students can engage quietly in original writing, apart from the rest of the class. 

Writing 14-11-2011, 15:01

A method of human intercommunication by inscribing visible symbols on any of a wide variety of surfaces.

Wright v. Regan 14-11-2011, 14:16

A landmark, 1982 decision by the Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C., prohibiting the federal government from granting tax-exempt status to any private school that practices racial discrimination.

Carroll D. Wright (1840–1909) 14-11-2011, 14:14

American educator and author of the first definitive government study of American vocational education. Born in New Hampshire, he became a schoolteacher to pay for his training in law. 

World’s Christian Fundamentals Association (WCFA) 14-11-2011, 14:11

An organization formed in 1919 by a group of leaders of various fundamentalist Protestant Christian sects to mount a massive, formal education effort to combat secular education in the United States.

World of Work 14-11-2011, 14:08

A secondary school course or series of courses designed to give students a broad understanding and overview of the adult workplace.

World Digital Library (WDL) 11-11-2011, 04:39

An on-line repository of international cultural artifacts organized by the United States LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.

Work study 11-11-2011, 04:38

somewhat confusing term referring to on-campus job programs for needy students to earn part of the costs of tuition and room and board at college or university. 

Works Progress Administration (WPA) 11-11-2011, 04:36

A federal agency, known later as the Works Projects Administration, created in 1935, during the depths of the Great Depression, to provide the unemployed with the kind of work they were best fitted to do.

Work readiness 11-11-2011, 04:34

A relatively new concept relating to a high school graduate’s mastery of certain “soft skills” deemed essential for entrylevel workers in a broad range of industries. 

Worker education 11-11-2011, 04:32

Any formal or informal instructional program to improve employee vocational or academic skills.