Trivium and quadrivium 2-11-2011, 14:29

The two categories of the seven liberal arts, as taught in the first European universities during the Middle Ages. 

Triple-T program 2-11-2011, 14:26

A short-lived effort by the U.S.

Trimester 2-11-2011, 14:25

One-third of an academic year.

Transition school 2-11-2011, 14:22

An organizational structure that links the curriculum of the last two years of high school with two or more years of study at an affiliated institution of higher education. A phrase coined in the 1980s by Ernest L.

Transformational generative grammar 2-11-2011, 14:20

Ineducation, a term borrowed from linguisticsand applied to a “bottom-up” approach tounderstanding and teaching grammar by usingthe deep structure of a sentence—a simplenoun and simple verb—as a base, or foundation,on which a wide variety of surface structuresmay be constructed.

Transfer students 2-11-2011, 14:19

College students who begin their postsecondary school higher education studies at one institution before enrolling at one or more subsequent institutions to obtain their bachelor’s degrees.

Transcript 2-11-2011, 14:17

An official, printed record of astudent’s academic grades and school or collegeperformance, usually carrying an explanationof the school’s grading system and a raised sealor other certification of authenticity.

Transcendentalism 2-11-2011, 14:16

In American education, an early 19th-century literary and philosophical movement in New England that rejected Puritan values and the doctrine of original sin and extolled the beauties of the individual as an element of the natural world. 

Tracking 2-11-2011, 14:12

A system of grouping students in classes according to ability and curriculum. Introduced in Britain in the 1920s as “streaming,” tracking by ability became ubiquitous in U.S.

Total communication 2-11-2011, 14:06

An all-encompassing approach to teaching the hearing-impaired, by using a combination of oral speech, lip reading, signing and finger spelling.

Top-down model of reading 1-11-2011, 16:12

A system of reading instruction in which children learn the meanings of entire words by sight—by recognizing the distinctive shape and context of each word in a sentence.

Title 1-11-2011, 16:09

A heading of a particular section in a law.

Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District 1-11-2011, 16:07

A 1969 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that public school officials cannot arbitrarily deprive students of their First Amendment rights to nondisruptive free speech. The case marked the first time the Court extended certain constitutional rights to minors.

George Ticknor (1791–1871) 1-11-2011, 16:05

American educator and originator of departmental curricular organization.

TIAA/CREF 1-11-2011, 16:04

The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association/College Retirement Equities Fund, which provide pensions and retirement benefits for employees of colleges, universities, independent private schools and a number of other educational institutions. 

Edward Lee Thorndike (1874–1949) 1-11-2011, 16:02

American psychologist, educator and “the father of educational psychology.”

Isaiah Thomas (1749–1831) 1-11-2011, 15:59

American patriot, printer and “father” of modern American publishing.

Third Plenary Council of Baltimore 1-11-2011, 15:57

An 1884 convention of Roman Catholic leaders in the United States to establish a unified system of education for Roman Catholic children.

Thinking 1-11-2011, 15:54

A vague, all-encompassing term usually summed up colloquially as “using one’s brain.”

Therapeutic school 1-11-2011, 15:46

Any of the approximately 300 day schools, boarding schools and camps that offer psychological and behavioral therapy along with as standard a program of academics and physical education as the children can tolerate.

Theory X and Theory Y and Theory Z 1-11-2011, 15:44

Three of many new approaches to education that have emerged from the observations of individual theoreticians.

Theology 1-11-2011, 15:43

The study of God, God’s relationship to the world and to humans, along with people’s relationship to God and concomitant religious faiths, practices and experiences.

Thematic teaching 1-11-2011, 15:38

An instructional approach that focuses on the study of a particular theme or topic, but indirectly forces students to study elements from a variety of traditional academic and scientific courses.

Sylvanus Thayer (1785–1872) 1-11-2011, 15:37

Military leader, educator and “father” of West Point and modern military education. Born in Massachusetts, he graduated from Dartmouth College in 1807 and, after only a year, from West Point as well.