Experience Australia’s Outback on a Vehicle

After taking a trip down to the Gold Coast, I had to make a return trip just to see this place called “Mags Wheels” and had I not been introduced to them by my travel agent; I would have never known about this place. The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s premiere holiday destinations and also happens to be one of its busiest cities as well. This was perfect timing for me to get a few Mag Wheels for myself as I had just returned from visiting Cochin, located in India, where mag wheels gold coast australia is made and these wheels in particular are called “Mags”.

Why need Experience Australia’s Outback on a Vehicle?

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While there, I had tried out several of my friends’ vehicles and discovered that my own car got the best gas mileage. I was excited to go back down to Australia and check out the other cities, but first I wanted to try out the “Gold Coast highway” and discover a new part of Australia that I hadn’t explored before. As it happened, I also ended up in Palm Valley, the largest city on the western end of the Gold Coast Highway. From Palm Valley I made my way to Burleigh Heads where the highway ends and you are able to take another scenic drive along the famous Southport-Toowong Ranges to reach the iconic Surfers Paradise. From Burleigh Heads I headed towards the Gold Coast and from there I drove to the various other popular surf beaches. There is an abundance of accommodations along the beaches, ranging from beach resorts, hotels, motels, cabins and backpackers accommodations.

On my first trip to the Gold Coast I was met at the airport by a group of girls who told me about their local area group, which I now know to be located at Broad Beach. From Broad Beach I made my way to the “Radiator hall” and enjoyed myself very much, especially since I had already had a great time the prior day at the “Mags” in Surfers Paradise. Once I had completed my fun excursions, I headed back to the “Radiator hall” to bid farewell to my friends, while my travel companion enjoyed her day and drove me back to the car. We were very shaken by the events of the day and all that had gone before. The experience of driving on the beaches of Australia has been similar to that I have had when I have driven through the countryside of the United Kingdom. It is very hard not to be transported by the beautiful scenery and the small towns throughout the state of Queensland.