DIY Dent Repair

Car dent repair can be very expensive. So, if your car got a small ding and you are afraid to take it to a body shop because it will be too expensive, do not worry! There is a cheaper alternative. What is the best alternative? The answer will surprise you, but let us begin by describing the problems associated with traditional body shops and the alternatives offered at a lower cost.

Cheaper Than Expensive

Body shops can fix a minor dent by sanding off the metal around the damaged area and filling it with epoxy or plastic. However, if the damage is deeper and there is metal exposed on the inside, a more radical repair option is required. But lets be honest, even if its something as simple as a door ding, the bill goes up significantly. So how much?

You guessed it, much more. Most traditional body shops charge as much as $500 for a small dent and say that your vehicle is worth at least that much. By contrast, when you have a DIY project in mind and take the time to learn how to fix car dent repair yourself, you can fix far lower cost repairs and save yourself a lot of money. You will find that you will spend considerably less for your next car and get much more value out of it.