DiMarzio Pickups

DiMarzio, Inc. is an American manufacturer of direct replacement guitar pickups. Their products also include hardware, cables, and straps. While they are perhaps best known for their guitar pickups, they also produce a variety of miscellaneous accessories, such as amplifiers and straps. Here are some of their products. You can start by picking up one of their direct replacement guitar pickups, and then move on to other parts and accessories.

The Truth About Dimarzio Pickups


DiMarzio’s Super Distortion guitar pickup was designed for the average guitarist. Its strong ceramic magnets and dual-resonance design produced twice the electrical output of standard guitar pickups. Because of its increased output, it was able to drive the input stage with double the voltage. It is a great pickup for heavy rock and heavy metal players alike. You can purchase this type of guitar pickup in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Super Distortion pickup is best for players who want a thick and aggressive bridge tone. This pickup offers smoother response and heavy tone. The Gravity Storm Neck model has a “fat” tone and is also a popular option for solo guitars. If you’re looking for a bridge pickup, you should check out the Gravity Storm Neck model. It’s a bridge pickup that delivers thick and aggressive tones, and is made to withstand long-term use.