Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) 14-11-2011, 15:45

An international organization dedicated to the personal, social and physical development of girls and women aged 12 and older.

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) 14-11-2011, 15:41

An international organization with 26 million members around the world, sponsoring social, physical and educational activities for youths and adults of both genders as well as all religions, races and ethnic backgrounds.

Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association (YM–YWHA) 14-11-2011, 15:37

Any of more than 400 local organizations that provide educational cultural, recreational, health, social and other services to about 750,000 people of all ages—non-Jewish as well as Jewish.

Yeshiva (or, yeshivah) 14-11-2011, 15:35

In American education, a generic term referring to any of a variety of Jewish day schools, depending on their sectarian sponsorship. 

Year-round school 14-11-2011, 15:33

A school that operates a 12-month-a-year academic program to ensure maximum utilization of school facilities and accommodate a larger number of students without investing in plant expansion. 

Yearbook (student) 14-11-2011, 15:30

An annual high school,college or graduate school student publication,usually published in hardcover, to commemoratethe events of the previous academic year.

Yale-New Haven Teachers 14-11-2011, 15:29

A pioneer collaborative venture between Yale University and the public school system of the city of New Haven.

Yale College (and University) 14-11-2011, 15:27

The third oldest institution of higher education in the United States, after Harvard College and the COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY.

“Yale Band” 14-11-2011, 15:23

An informal association of seven theology students at Yale College who, before their ordination in 1830, pledged to devote their lives to “beating the drums for” and establishing formal education in the West. 

Elihu Yale (1649–1721) 14-11-2011, 15:21

English colonialadministrator who, between 1714 and 1721,bestowed so extensive a library of books andother gifts to the Collegiate School of Saybrook,Connecticut, that it changed its name to YaleCollege in 1718, two years after it moved toNew Haven.

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