Utah 7-11-2011, 20:31

The 45th state to join the Union, in 1896. Utah was settled by Mormons in 1846, when the area was still controlled by Mexico.

Usage 7-11-2011, 20:28

The way in which language customarily communicates ideas.

Upward Bound 7-11-2011, 20:27

A federally supported program to supplement the secondary school education of the socioeconomically deprived and prepare them for college.

Upper division college 7-11-2011, 20:26

A degree-granting institution of higher education limited to the last two years of the traditional four-year program.

Unskilled workers 7-11-2011, 20:25

Members of the labor force with a level of intellectual, manual or physical training that is inadequate to meet the long-term needs or demands of potential employers and assure permanent employment.

Unobtrusive (nonreactive) measures 7-11-2011, 20:23

Any examination of an individual or group of individuals that takes place without their knowledge and, therefore, permits them to perform free of the normal anxieties associated with test-taking.

university press 7-11-2011, 20:21

A publishing company owned by a university and devoted to the production of scholarly works, often, though not exclusively, by the university’s own faculty.

University of Wisconsin 7-11-2011, 20:20

A pioneer institution of higher education in the area of public service and adult education through its extension services.

University of Virginia 7-11-2011, 20:17

The first American university to offer a comprehensive curriculum of the arts and sciences that would serve as an archetype for future American universities for much of the 19th century.

University of the South 7-11-2011, 20:13

The first university founded in the South in response to the inclusion of abolitionism as a centrality in the teaching of religion, history and political science in northern universities.

University of the Pacific 7-11-2011, 20:11

The first chartered institution of higher education in California.

University of the American Expeditionary Forces in France 7-11-2011, 20:10

An institution of higher education established by General John J.

University of Edinburgh 7-11-2011, 20:09

A Scottish institution of higher learning founded in 1583 and the alma mater of many leading educators in the American colonies.

University of Chicago School Mathematics Project 4-11-2011, 15:03

A kindergarten to twelfth grade mathematics curriculum developed between 1980 and 1986 to give students of average mathematical ability a firm foundation in computational skills.

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools 4-11-2011, 15:02

A unique educational institution, where children study subject matter that relates to and emerges from their needs and interests in the world around them. 

University of Chicago 4-11-2011, 14:59

One of the most unique institutions of higher education in the United States, founded in Chicago in 1890 with $35 million from John D. Rockefeller and the leadership and vision of educator WILLIAM RAINEY HARPER.

University of Cambridge 4-11-2011, 14:57

The second oldest university in England, six of whose 31 independent colleges emerged from monasteries and affiliated schools in the 13th and 14th centuries. 

University of California Regents v. Bakke 4-11-2011, 14:56

One of the most complex U.S. Supreme Court cases in the history of American higher education.

University of California 4-11-2011, 14:54

One of the world’s largest university complexes, with more than 7,000 faculty serving more than 160,000 students in 565 baccalaureate, 250 master’s and 200 doctoral programs on campuses at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz.

University Microfilms 4-11-2011, 14:52

A widely used commercial printer of doctoral dissertations and other scholarly works, in accordance with the standard presentations and formats for such documents as required by almost all American colleges and universities.

University-in-the-school 4-11-2011, 14:51

A SCHOOL-COLLEGE PARTNERSHIP to which a college or university sends...

University finances 4-11-2011, 14:49

The revenues and expenditures of institutions of higher learning.

University extension movement 4-11-2011, 14:48

A 19thcentury shift in the goals of major universities from educating the wealthy elite to servicing society at large by offering access to education to any and all who wished to avail themselves of it.

University curriculum 4-11-2011, 14:45

The curriculum, or courses, offered at a university. Once limited to theological studies and classical studies and numbering several dozen courses, university curricula have undergone an explosive expansion over the last two centuries.

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