Research university 6-10-2011, 14:02

A university whose overall educational goals include development of new knowledge as well as the teaching of existing knowledge.

“Research” companies 6-10-2011, 14:01

Commercial firms that sell students essays and term papers.

Research and Development Centers 6-10-2011, 13:59

A group of 14 educational research centers established by the federal government in 1963 at major universities across the United States

ReQuest 6-10-2011, 13:57

A “shorthand” title for a readinginstruction technique called requestioning, in which teacher and students all read the same passage silently and then pose questions to each other and initiate involved discussion and analysis of the passage and its implications.

Republican (style of) education 6-10-2011, 13:56

A term used by scholars to describe the basis of American education, which predicated the preservation of the new Republic on state-sponsored, universal public education.

Report card 6-10-2011, 13:52

A record of a student’s grades for the marking period, term or school year. Report card (or grade card) formats vary from school to school and according to the level of education.

Rensselaer Institute 6-10-2011, 13:51

The first private college in the United States devoted exclusively to instruction of engineering and the sciences.

Renaissance 6-10-2011, 13:49

Literally a rebirth, referring roughly to the period in European history, from 1300 to 1600, that saw the flowering of Europe’s first universities and colleges and explosive advances and changes in art, science, technology, philosophy and political systems.

Remediation program 6-10-2011, 13:47

A broad-based instructional program to correct multiple deficiencies in a student’s educational development.

Remedial reading 6-10-2011, 13:45

A program of special instruction to correct deficiencies in a student’s previous reading development.

Religious schools 6-10-2011, 13:43

A wide variety of parttime and full-time elementary and secondary schools sponsored by or affiliated directly or indirectly with individual churches and religious groups.

Religious Education Association 6-10-2011, 13:41

An association of religious educators founded in 1903 to promote broad programs of Christian education in the home, the church, the Sunday school and the public school.

Religion 6-10-2011, 13:40

In American education, an institutionalized set of beliefs based on a power or being superior to humans and ultimately responsible for the creation and governing of humanity and the universe.

Released time 6-10-2011, 13:38

A specific period, usually toward the end of the school day, during which a student, at the request of his or her parents, is permitted to leave school to attend religious instruction at a nonschool site.

Reinforcement 5-10-2011, 14:07

A psychological term referring to rewards (positive reinforcement) or punishments (negative reinforcement) that encourage or discourage repetition of a particular type of behavior.

Rehabilitation Act of 1973 5-10-2011, 14:06

A landmark federal law that prohibited discrimination on the basis of physical handicaps by any public or private organization receiving federal funds, directly or indirectly, and mandated the elimination of architectural barriers that interfered with access by the handicapped to a publicly used building.

Regular education initiative 5-10-2011, 14:05

An approach to mainstreaming that integrates special education and other resources, teachers and specialists into regular classrooms to provide special help to regular students as well as to special education students with chronic extra needs.

Regression 5-10-2011, 14:03

In education, a temporary reversion to an earlier level of behavior by an otherwise normal child experiencing normal developmental progress.

Registration 5-10-2011, 14:02

In higher education, a term with two meanings, namely, the annual process of entering one’s name on the official record of students attending an educational institution and the process of enrolling in specific classes or courses.

Registrar 5-10-2011, 13:59

A college or university official charged with officially registering...

Regional educational research laboratories 5-10-2011, 13:58

In education, a nationwide network of geographically dispersed centers funded by the U.S.

Regents examinations 5-10-2011, 13:56

Standardized competency examinations required of all public elementary and secondary school students by a state board of regents for promotion to the next higher grade or for graduation from the high school.

Regents 5-10-2011, 13:55

Members of a governing board with policy-setting powers and authority over the operations of public education.

Reformed churches 5-10-2011, 13:53

Protestant Calvinist churches with their origins on the Continent rather than in England and Scotland.