Social promotion 19-10-2011, 15:13

A term from the 1930s and 1940s referring to the advancement of students to the next higher grade in public elementary and secondary schools on the basis of age rather than academic achievement.

Benjamin Rush (1745–1813) 10-10-2011, 15:32

American physician, statesman, signer of the Declaration of Independence and champion of universal public education. A founder of Dickinson College in 1773, Rush’s long-term influence on American education was in his articulation and perpetuation of a liberal educational ideology that he would never live to see implemented.

Rural education 10-10-2011, 15:28

An increasingly archaic term referring to the imagined disparities between educational quality in isolated rural communities and small towns and in larger suburbs and cities.

Runaways 10-10-2011, 15:20

however, are away from 12 to as many as 50hours, 10% from 52 to 100 hours, and 13% formore than 100; 9% simply disappear.

Rumsfeld v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (FAIR) 10-10-2011, 15:17

A U.S. Defense Department lawsuit challenging the right of 38 law schools to bar military recruiters from their campuses.

Rules and regulations 10-10-2011, 15:14

A codification ofpermissible and impermissible student behaviorand academic effort in a school or collegeand the consequent rewards and discipline forsuch behavior. 

Harold O. Rugg (1886–1960) 10-10-2011, 15:12

American educator, author and leader of the RECONSTRUCTIONISM movement that sought to use education to reform the American social system during the devastating economic depression of the 1930s.

Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge 10-10-2011, 15:09

A scientific organization officially founded in 1660, but convening informally beginning in 1645 at regular meetings of England’s leading scientists.

Roxbury, Massachusetts 10-10-2011, 15:07

Site of one of the first schools in the American colonies, where a free school was established by consensus of the residents in 1645, 10 years after the first school had been established in Boston.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778) 10-10-2011, 15:06

Swiss-born philosopher, author, political scientist,musicologist and one of the most influentialminds in the so-called Age of Enlightenment.

Rough Rock Demonstration School 10-10-2011, 15:04

One of several schools that the BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS operated on Indian reservations for American Indian children in the 1960s.

Rote learning 10-10-2011, 15:01

The acquisition of information by memorization.

Rote counting 10-10-2011, 14:59

A recital of numbers in order and by memory, with little or no understanding of the meaning of each number.

ROTC 10-10-2011, 14:58

The popularly used abbreviation (pronounced “Rot-C”) for the RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS, which prepares college...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882–1945) 10-10-2011, 14:56

Thirty-second president of the United States and the only president to be elected to four terms in office.

Romance languages 10-10-2011, 14:53

A group of modern languages derived primarily from Low Latin and spoken by about 400 million people, largely in Europe.

Roman Catholic Church 10-10-2011, 14:50

The largest, single, organized Christian church, made up of nearly 1 billion communicants who acknowledge the supreme authority of the bishop of Rome—the pope (or father)—in matters spiritual and, for many, temporal.

Rolling admissions 10-10-2011, 14:36

A system whereby a college sets no fixed date for its admissions decisions, accepting applications at any time during the school year and responding to applicants within 30 days.

Role playing 10-10-2011, 14:35

A common technique used by psychologists and, with the permission and supervision of the school psychologist, by teachers attempting to give students a broad understanding of major social problems.

Rockefeller University 10-10-2011, 14:33

A unique graduate university in New York City, founded by oil magnate John D.

Rockefeller Foundation 7-10-2011, 14:42

A philanthropic organization founded in 1913 by JOHN D.

John D. Rockefeller (1839–1937) 7-10-2011, 14:40

Oil magnate whose personal fortune reached $1 billion and whose philanthropic contributions totaled...

Rochester Plan 7-10-2011, 14:39

A much-heralded but largely unsuccessful 1987 program to reform public school education in Rochester, New York.

Rochester Method 7-10-2011, 14:35

A system of instruction...

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