Puritanism 30-09-2011, 14:54

A dissident religious movement within the 16th-century Church of England.

Pupil personnel services 30-09-2011, 14:50

A cluster of nonacademic services designed to help students adjust to and obtain maximum benefits from school.

Pupil accounting 30-09-2011, 14:48

An individual and cumulative record-keeping system for all student...

Pull-out program 30-09-2011, 14:47

Pull-out programA school plan under which students with special needs are “pulled out” of their regular classrooms for a period or two to receive special instruction in classrooms designated as RESOURCE ROOMS.

Puerto Rico 30-09-2011, 14:43

Officially, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island freely associated with the United States since 1952.

Publishing 30-09-2011, 14:41

The production—in print or electronic format—and distribution of books, periodicals and other printed documents for the general public and for specialized audiences such as school and university students.

Public service 30-09-2011, 14:36

In secondary school education, an increasingly prevalent element of the curriculum, requiring each student to perform a specific number of hours of volunteer public service.

Public School Society 30-09-2011, 14:34

A charitable organization founded in 1805 in New York City by Quaker philanthropist Thomas Eddy to provide “for the education of such poor children as do not belong to or are not provided for by any religious society.”

Public school finances 30-09-2011, 14:32

The revenues and expenditures of American public schools. In general, public schools have traditionally received 46% of their revenues from local school district property owners, whose taxes are based on a percentage of the assessed valuation of their homes and lands.

Public school 30-09-2011, 14:27

Any elementary or secondary school under control of elected or appointed civil authority, supported entirely by public tax monies, and, with few exceptions, open to all students in a designated district free of any tuition charges.

Public address systems 30-09-2011, 14:22

In education, a voice-transmission system that permits school administrators to transmit a variety of school announcements to students via loudspeakers in each classroom, hallway and student facility.

Psychologist (school) 30-09-2011, 14:20

A full- or part-time certified professional with a doctoral degree in psychology and, where required, licensed by state or professional accrediting bodies to test and evaluate student intellectual, emotional and social development and diagnose educational disabilities.

Psychological testing 30-09-2011, 14:18

In education, the administration by individual schools of a range of nonacademic, standardized examinations to measure student intelligence, personality characteristics, abilities and aptitudes and interests; to evaluate student intellectual, emotional and social development; and to diagnose student educational disabilities.

Psychological services 29-09-2011, 09:33

A wide variety of activities supervised by the school PSYCHOLOGIST and usually related to the planning...

Psalter 29-09-2011, 09:30

The Book of Psalms from the Old Testament, or a collection of psalms.

Provost 29-09-2011, 09:29

In American higher education, the college or university administrator in charge of all academic programs.

Protestantism 29-09-2011, 09:28

One of the three major divisions of Christianity; until the late 20th century, the primary force in American philosophical, moral and political thought and, therefore, in education.

Proprietary schools 29-09-2011, 09:24

Any privately owned instructional institution designed as a commercial, profit-making enterprise and usually operated for adult students.

Propaganda 29-09-2011, 09:17

Information that is distorted or presented in a way to influence its recipients rather than to provide them with objective data.

Promotion (of students) 29-09-2011, 09:14

The advancement of a student to the next higher grade in elementary, middle or high school, usually after achieving a predetermined minimum gradepoint average and passing achievement or proficiency tests in the current grade.

Project Talent 29-09-2011, 09:13

A 20-year study that attempted to correlate the aptitudes, education and interests of 440,000 secondary school students with their eventual career choices.

Projects 29-09-2011, 09:11

In education, tasks involving independent research, self-directed learning and independent problem solving and designed to supplement classroom and textbook instruction.

Project Physics 29-09-2011, 09:10

A Harvard University effort that produced a new type of secondary school physics course to accommodate the skills of, and attract a larger number of, average high school students.

Project on the Instructional Program of the Public Schools 29-09-2011, 09:09

A 1959 effort by the NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION to identify the most critical issues in American primary and secondary public education.

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