Nutrition 14-09-2011, 14:06

In education, the proper feeding and nourishment of children and adolescents.

Nursing 14-09-2011, 14:03

re and treatment of the sick— until the years following World War II, one of the few “professions” (along with teaching) open to women.

Nursery school 14-09-2011, 14:00

A school for three- and four-year-old children, prior to their entry into kindergarten and the formal elementary school setting.

Number skills 13-09-2011, 14:56

The understanding of and ability to use integers and numerical units. In education, the development of number skills begins in preschool and kindergarten.

Number line 13-09-2011, 14:53

A horizontal line divided into equal units beginning from a central point marked zero and extending in either direction toward a theoretical infinity.

Eliphalet Nott (1773–1866) 13-09-2011, 14:52

Educator, clergyman, inventor and, for an unprecedented 62 years, the president of Union College, the first college chartered by the state government of New York after the Revolution.

Northwest Ordinance (1785, 1787) 13-09-2011, 14:50

Two elements of the Articles of Confederation declaring education essential and reserving a specific amount of land in each township for public schools in the Northwest Territory, which comprised the area of present-day Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota.

North Haven Board of Education v. Bell 13-09-2011, 14:49

A 1982 U.S. Supreme Court decision that extended the reach of a law prohibiting gender discrimination in federally funded education programs to school and college employees as well as students.

North Dakota 13-09-2011, 14:47

The 39th state to enter the Union, in 1889. Missionaries opened the first school in the territory in 1818, and the territorial legislature made the first provisions for public education in the sparsely settled state in 1862.

North Carolina 13-09-2011, 14:45

Twelfth of the 13 original states in the Union, the first colony to instruct its delegates to vote for independence at the First Continental Congress and the first state to open a state university, at Chapel Hill in 1795.

Norm-referenced test 13-09-2011, 14:41

Any examination whose score is based on a comparison with the performance of a norm group or sample population.

Normal school 13-09-2011, 14:23

An archaic, early name for teacher training schools.

Normal distribution curve 13-09-2011, 14:20

A bell-shaped graph representing the distribution of scores to form a symmetrical pattern, with the same number of scores evenly distributed on either side of a vertical line drawn from the baseline of the graph to the peak of the bell curve.

Norm 13-09-2011, 14:19

In education, the average achievement or performance level of a preselected group against which others may be compared to determine whether they are above, below or at the norm.

Nonverbal communications 13-09-2011, 14:17

Those bodily movements, facial expressions, gestures, postures, personal contacts, tones of voice, articles of clothing and aspects of personal grooming that send others a message requiring no words.

Nonstandard English 13-09-2011, 14:15

A variation of conventional English vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation that is so widely used as to constitute a vernacular.

Nonoperating district 13-09-2011, 14:12

A school district that has no public schools.

Nonclassroom faculty 13-09-2011, 14:10

Those members of the auxiliary personnel in a school such as school principals, librarians, guidance...

Nomini Hall 13-09-2011, 14:08

The huge plantation manor owned by the Robert Carter family in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 12-09-2011, 15:01

A revision and reauthorization of the ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION ACT OF 1965 to make every primary and secondary school student proficient in English, mathematics, science and other core subjects by the 2013–14 academic year.

Night school 12-09-2011, 14:56

An obsolete synonym for adult education.

New York University (NYU) 12-09-2011, 14:54

New York City’s second-oldest university, with a total enrollment of nearly 40,000 students and, from its founding in 1831, a pioneer in utilitarian higher education.

New York Society for the Prevention of Pauperism 12-09-2011, 14:52

A pioneering organization established in 1816 to identify and eliminate the specific causes of poverty in New York City.

New York City 12-09-2011, 14:50

One of the world’s leading commercial, financial, cultural and educational centers, with more colleges and universities than any other city in the world.

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