Cambridge Plan
An 1893 elementary school TRACKING system adopted in Cambridge, Massachusetts...
An early Protestant religion out of which arose Puritanism, Congregationalism, Presbyterianism and the Dutch, French and German Reformed churches.
California Test of Mental Maturity (CTMM)
A wide-ranging group of intelligence tests that measure academic skills essential for school, such as learning, problem-solving and responding to new situations.
California State University
A system of 18 four-year colleges and four two-year colleges established in 1961 as the middle tier of the three-tier California public higher education system designed to provide universal higher education.
California Preschool Social Competency Scale
A standard PERFORMANCE TEST to measure the intellectual abilities and school readiness of preschool and kindergarten of children too young to read.
California Educational Reform Act of 1983
An attempt to improve public school education by offering budgetary cash incentives to schools whose student achievement scores improved.
California Achievement Test (CAT)
One of the most widely used basic educational skills tests for measuring reading, mathematics and language skills of children from the middle of first grade through high school.
The most populous state in the United States, with 13% of the nation’s school children.
Caldecott Medal
An annual award presented by the AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION to the finest illustrated book for children, as selected by a committee of librarians.
An electronic device which, depending on its complexity, automatically performs a variety of mathematical operations.
School cafeteria
An increasingly complex self-service restaurant where students and faculty purchase food and beverages at a central counter and carry their own trays to tables to eat.
Cadet teacher program
A high school tutoring program in which gifted children provide slower students with special help.
Joseph Carrington Cabell (1778–1856)
Virginia legislator who sponsored the legislation for THOMAS JEFFERSON to create the UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA in 1818.