Are Wood Doors The Preferred Method?

Why Wood Is The Preferred Material For Entry Doors?


For many homeowners, entry doors | Modern Exterior are a big deal — a statement of style and high quality that distinguishes their home from others in its area. Unfortunately, for all of the enjoyment that these doors bring, they can also be quite expensive. Steel and fiberglass both provide major benefits over wood entry doors, with steel maintaining the durability, safety and energy efficiency of wood and offering major savings over time, compared to fiberglass. However, it’s important to consider the type of door you want before making your decision, as not all doors are created equally.

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The key difference between fiberglass entry doors and steel is the density of the material. Fiberglass entry doors have less density than steel and therefore require more maintenance. In addition, fiberglass tends to break more easily, and does not offer the insulation and noise reduction benefits that steel offers. Fiberglass doors also do not have the security benefits offered by steel, especially considering the fact that fiberglass doors are less secure than steel, due to the hollow interior.

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With advances in manufacturing, fiberglass entry doors have dropped in price over the years, but they still remain more expensive than steel — though this may be changing with new technology that allows for more advanced manufacturing methods and materials. Unfortunately, fiberglass does not offer the same insulation benefits that steel does, particularly in larger entry doors. Another disadvantage of fiberglass is that it is more prone to damage from weather and environmental conditions than steel. Lastly, although fiberglass entry doors tend to be lighter weight than steel, they are not immune to dents or dings.

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A more attractive option for homeowners looking for entry doors is solid wood entry doors. Although often associated with old country homes and barns, these doors offer a more contemporary look that can blend well with any type of home. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, this type of entry doors provides the security and insulation benefits of steel doors at a fraction of the cost.


Solid wood entry doors provide a more rustic appearance to the front door, especially when paired with log-cabin appearance front doors. These entry ways help to create a welcoming first impression, so much so that some homeowners even choose to install a doorknob lock on the front door. Solid wood entry doors also allow homeowners to customize their entry ways, adding custom features such as molding and door fixtures. Whether replacing an entry way with a new one or simply making additions to an existing one, wooden doors offer a more classic and traditional look than steel or fiberglass ones. And with the variety available, homeowners are sure to find the right fit.

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Besides aesthetic reasons, wood entry doors offer homeowners another major benefit — they are highly durable. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear, including constant exposure to harsh weather and various types of pests. With proper care, these doors will last a lifetime, thanks to the hard work of its craftsmen and the attention to detail of its manufacturers. While not every type of wood is suitable for use as entry doors (it would require special treatment), such doors are among the most durable and stable. In fact, it’s rare that you’ll ever find a wood door that won’t withstand constant pressure against the pressure of a typical hurricane.