A Holiday at Vipassna Bali

There’s something for everyone when it comes to enjoying a vacation on the gorgeous vipassna bali | The Istana. This island situated in South East Asia is one of the major tourists’ spot in Indonesia. One can easily find plenty of luxury and cheap flights to Bali Island through Indonesia Travel Agency. Here you will get complete information about everything you must know before traveling to the beautiful island called Vipassna.

A Holiday At Vipassna Bali Your Way To Success

The beauty of this island is simply awe-inspiring. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains which stretch up to 1000 meters high. The white sandy beaches are just perfect for lazing around and sunbathing to your heart’s content. In the east, there’s also a national park named “Banyas Balinese”. Here, tourists can enjoy watching the different species of birds that inhabit this island. Bird watchers can also view a wide variety of sea creatures like octopus, sharks and turtles.

The other natural attractions of this island include the mountain villages and picturesque waterfalls. There are many historical sites that one can visit one includes the Batak Balinese Temple, Temples of the Great Mogul, Cangguha Satefa and many more. The best time to visit here is during the first half of October to early November. During this period, you’ll be able to witness all the activities that take place during the festivities such as the Elephant festival, Tiger festival and Fire festival.