Published: 8-11-2011, 12:43

Vocational counseling - American Education

The process of providing advice and guidance to help individuals make successful career choices. Although vocational counseling may be based solely on oneto- one interviews, it can be far more extensive and include lectures by representatives of a variety of professions and occupations or batteries of tests (psychological, personality vocational interest, skill, intelligence and aptitude). In the end, vocational counseling aims at helping the individual make a realistic assessment of his or her goals, personal strengths and weaknesses, interests, skills and aptitudes, and to use that assessment in making appropriate career choices in the light of market needs.

The profession of vocational counseling requires formal training and education, some times at the graduate school level, and, in most states, certification. Most public secondary school guidance departments include at least one member trained in vocational counseling. At the high school level, vocational counseling also involves helping students select the right curriculum to prepare for the vocations they intend following. Vocational counselors also serve in independent and government agencies to advise adults already in the work force and help them obtain retraining, if necessary, or additional education to reinforce existing skills.

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