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Published: 3-11-2011, 12:03

Unified phonics method

A highly structuredmethod of reading instruction based onthe learning of 70 phonograms, or sounds,before actual reading begins. Developed in thelate 1960s and often called the Spalding Method,the technique calls for oral recitation and memorizationof the sounds in each phonogram(one or more letters that produce a uniquesound that creates a word or word element). Forexample, although the phonogram “at” is itselfa word, it is but one element in such words as“cat attack.” Students label, learn and write eachphonogram by its complete sound, then learnbasic spelling rules and eventually use phonogramsto build words from a specific word listdeveloped for the program. Only after studentshave learned an adequate number of words dothey begin reading whole sentences.

(See also bottom-up model of reading; PHONICS; TOP-DOWN MODEL OF READING.)

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