Published: 10-10-2011, 15:14

Rules and regulations - American Education

A codification ofpermissible and impermissible student behaviorand academic effort in a school or collegeand the consequent rewards and discipline forsuch behavior. According to U.S. Departmentof Education studies, the most effective elementary,middle and high schools have clearlydefined, strictly enforced rules of academicconduct and social behavior. Rules catalogsissued to students and parents usually indicatein clearest terms the school’s policies for handling misconduct, absenteeism, lateness, disruptive behavior, cheating, vandalism, violence, physical threats or verbal abuse, theft, weapons possession, racism or bigotry, gambling, use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol, and even use of radios and tape players with headphones. The rules state whether there is a dress code and describe it and whether there is a code of conduct for students when they are not in school. Rules booklets also state clearly the discipline and possible punishments for all infractions.

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